How to Download from Issuu when there is no “Download” button

Instructions for Chrome (what I use):

1) Open to the document you would like to download.
2) Right-click on an open space on the page (not the document image).
3) Choose “Inspect Element”.
4) In the window that pops up, choose “Resources” from the top row of buttons.
5) On the left, a list of folders will appear. One of them will have the name of the document you are trying to download. Should be second folder down after “Frames”. Click it open.
6) A nested menu will appear, click on “Images”.
7) Click on “Page_1_thumb_xxxx.jpg”.
8) The image will appear in the large frame to the right. Click the URL at the bottom.
9) The image will appear in a new tab or page. From the address bar at the top of that page, DELETE “_thumb_xxxx” so that the last portion of the URL reads: page_1.jpg.
10) Hit “Return”. There’s your first image. Save it.
11) Change the “1” in “page_1” to “2”, and so on.

Looks a little complicated, but it really is a piece of cake. (Moreover, I’ve overcomplicated the process by being verbose and explaining every detail.) Once you’ve done this once, it will become second nature. Very easy to do.

This is an informative document only; for educational purposes.

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